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Distilling the Essence of YOU and Your Brand.

Is Your Website a Brochure,

or a Client Magnet!

There are thousands of mind-body-spirit practitioners

selling their services on the internet.

What sets your services apart from all the others?

You do!


Your digital message is your first impression

Make it Spectacular

Captivating stories capture the heart,

build trust and inspire action.

Crafting a well written story engages the heart, and a heart engaged is a potential client. Your story conveys so much more than just the features and benefits you offer. Holding a visitor's attention and directing them to take action to connect with you or buy your product is critical to the growth of your business.


Building your list is Gold.


SoulCopy specializes in creative content and web copy for entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches and mind-body personal growth practitioners who are looking for content that captures the unique essence of their product or services. Use lead pages to guide your customers to take action.


Combining 25 years experience as a psychotherapist and artist with the love of the written word is a synergy of skills that can paint a picture and highlight your unique gifts so you attract your ideal clients. 


I'll write your story, craft your web content

and highlight your expertise.



  • Branding

  • Narrative Portraits

  • Web copy and design

  • Lead pages

  • eBooks

  • Newsletters

  • Blogs

  • Ghostwriting

"Theresa's writing ability is extraordinary. She is able to take your ideas and expand upon them in unique and compelling ways.

I highly recommend

her work".


Christiane Northrup MD, New York Times bestselling author, Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom

Fox Haney


My nickname in college was Fox Haney. I'm not quite sure why. Some say it was my energy, others thought I was cute, I always felt that the Fox was my spirit animal.

This photo of the Fox captures the essence of what my writing process has been for me. Some of my best work has come to me just as I'm waking from sleep. The words pour out of me as if I've tapped into some vortex of language. I take afternoon naps just so I can experience it twice a day.


This is a gift.

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