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Are You a Wellness Entrepreneur Building Your Email List to

Grow Your Business?

Use this eBook to attract new customers!

This visually stunning 30 page eBook is jammed packed with valuable ideas and information that tells your customers that you care.

No brand mentions, just helpful information, recipes and exercises.

"What an amazing book filled with valuable tips and resources that can make a huge difference in our health. It is professional and beautifully designed. What a great gift for all of us!" Angie Gray

Tapping into what's important to your customers through value-based marketing will enhance customer loyalty while increasing engagement.

How would you feel to hear a customer tell a friend about a new healthy habit they developed and attribute it to you?

Providing value is good customer service.

Watch the slide show below to see the e-Book in its entirety.

When you download the eBook, Your email address is digitally stamped on every page to assure ownership of license!

This eBook is absolutely beautiful, professional and an amazing marketing tool as we use education and value-based marketing to build our businesses.

Dr. Karen Wolfe

How to use this eBook for Lead Generation

If you work in the wellness industry and want to accelerate your business, reaching new customers is always the big conundrum.


Enticing prospects with a free gift is a great way to grab their attention and their email addresses.

Once you have their email you can begin a conversation about what you have to offer, this after you have already given them something of value without trying to sell them anything.

You now stand in more trusting position from which to share your offerings. Click below to learn the details!

Want this eBook today to gift to potential customers?

Your Choice!

A one time fee of $137 and you'll have a unlimited license to give this book to your current clients and use in marketing to build your mailing list on your website and in social media.




A personalized copy of this license with a introductory page that includes all the above + your picture, your message and your story. Only $237 See example in slideshow. Once purchased you will receive a link to schedule an appointment with SoulCopy.

By clicking the Buy Now button, you agree to the Terms of Licensing Agreement

This eBook makes for a beautiful giveaway to generate leads and/or use as part of a wellness presentation. What we know from our own experience is that creating something like this for social selling is a daunting task. Grateful we found this and were able to have it personalized!

Penny and Phil Kirk

I am impressed with this eBook for so many reasons. It's informative while also visually impactful. It’s a quick read that is simple and straightforward and imparts a lot of knowledge in 30 pages - Less is so much more in this case. Plus the design and delivery is beautiful.
I can see a lot of great marketing uses for this eBook, especially as a free giveaway for email sign up!

Judie Harvey

Unlimited eBook License $137

Email Marketing

8 Pre-Written Skin Health Emails $57

Unlimited eBook License + Personalized Page $237





Save $20

Unlimited eBook License + Pre-written Emails $194

Unlimited eBook License + Personalized Page + Pre-written emails $274

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