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Donette Morris' Narrative Portrait

It was at Chicago’s O’Hara airport when I first felt the maternal hormones wash over me - whispering to me that I might be pregnant. I had missed a period, but I thought, “No, that can’t be, I’m too old! This must be the first stirrings of menopause”.


I was with my best friend Val, on a layover, waiting to board a 3-hour shift as flight attendants back to Dallas. Throughout that flight, I was all consumed with the idea of being pregnant, vacillating between fear and elation, spinning with questions

about what my life would look like at 44 with a new born infant. It had given up on the idea of starting a family, I was building my career! Was my dream about to come true?


A few days later the doctors confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. In that moment, seeing little Audrey on the sonogram, my heart burst open and my husband swelled with tears; we were going to be parents.


My pregnancy couldn’t have gone smoother, no morning sickness, just pure joy. I immediately stopped flying and took great care of myself. This was the most important event of our lives and I wasn’t going to take any chances. Our delivery was easy, four hours of labor and Andrey was born. She was as healthy and beautiful as I had imagined. Today she is an intelligent and curious 12-year-old, ‘full of beans’ and love.


This unexpected dream come true inspired me to become a doula. I wanted to help and support other women’s dreams of becoming mothers. It’s been a joy, not a job. And two years later, I was Val’s doula, who at 40 gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy.


Unfortunately, over the years I have met too many women in their 40s afraid to get pregnant or sustain a pregnancy. A good portion of the medical community has, for too long, instilled fear and doubt that after 35 the risk is too high.


I want you to know that there is an alternative to this fearful point of view. And that is exactly why I created Wise Womb, a coaching program to assist and support women over 40 who want to give birth. I offer an alternative perspective and bring hope to those who dream of experiencing the miracle of life.

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