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Distilling the Essence of You and Your Brand.

My love for writing has evolved over the years. I was a dancer first, expressing myself in pure movement and sound. I was a bit fearful of words, they were a layer of communication that seemed complicated, easily misunderstood and, as a twenty-something, felt were completely unnecessary. I was 100% artist, or so I thought.


When I moved to NYC I began performing in clubs and off off off-Broadway theaters and integrated words into my work, but it was always very dramatic.

It was in graduate school studying to become a creative arts therapist when I first fell in love with putting words together to communicate an idea. I realized I had a knack for literary expression. My thesis shined and I was proud to have a new found talent in a modality I had once thought scary!

Theresa Haney MS LCAT

I have been an entrepreneur for 14 years, for which I have been writing and designing my own materials. I  studied Copywriting with the American Writers and Artist Inc. to gain a deeper understanding of the psychology behind sales copy. What I learned was that for the most part, I had known it all along, the psychology behind what inspired someone to take action.


My writing abilities truly developed when I took over the job of writing telegathering topic descriptions for a group that I am a part of with author Dr. Christiane Northrup. At first, I was terrified, "Who am I to be writing on the behalf of thousands of people, I'm a dancer, a therapist, not a writer"?!  But what I learned was that the more I wrote the better I got and the feedback was positive.


As I told you in my Fox Haney story on my home page, complete stories come to me upon waking from sleep. I trust they are the synthesis of ideas forming from researching a client's needs. My writing is purely rhythmic in its formation.  My editor cleans up any glaring flobs. I write like I choreographed a dance, following an intuitive impulse that gives form and expression to words.


I am an idea person. Ideas come to me at all times, like a download swirling in my head looking for its home file. Ideas especially hit me when I'm most relaxed or playing, so I play a lot. And the ideas that come are usually incredibly salient to whatever project I am working.


Therefore, I have a unique skill to offer by distilling the essence of you and what you love, whether that's a product, your services or an overall brand. Integrating my experience as a dancer and artist, with 25 years of experience as a therapist, listening to the stories of the inner lives of people, gives me the advantage to capture your brand and message. I know how to listen, I know what people want, I know how to paint a picture with words and develop a story that inspires people to take action.


Let me be your voice for your web copy and creative content.



Send me a message and we'll discuss your project! Or sign up for a free 30 minute consultation!!

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