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Distilling the essence of you and Your Brand

 I Am Grateful!

Maggie Pierce

Brunswick ME

I was giving up. I had made several attempts to build a website, and all of them fell short - they only  represented a small part of me. I was convinced that I had too many directions and turns in my life which would be too much to capture as a business let alone a website! The web designers I had worked with before avoided the "tapestry" of my woven life so they had me focusing on a thread or two.  Against all the marketing advise, I decided not to have a website. 


Then I saw some of Theresa's sites. I was not sure I was ready to step into another superficial try so Theresa urged me to start the process by writing my story. I wrote about all the threads that wove into my background-even seemingly idle memories as a child.


I felt overwhelmed with the idea of how all these threads could come together in any form. It felt like I threw a puzzle up in the air and it would never fit together. At the time I did not know the magical talents and creative passion in Theresa. What I saw as separate events in my life, she saw as gems. She started weaving.


Then we found images that related to my stories and their essence. Theresa took my words and molded them in ways that synergistically built my message to be more relateable than I could have imagined. The bits and pieces which began our journey of building my website started taking shape, and in a few days over 6 weeks-start to finish - I was launching my new website with extreme pride and amazed at how Theresa brought it all together.


It's thrilling, since the site launch, to hear the many compliments saying my site is a perfect expression of all of me, and I couldn't agree more. That is the talent in Theresa. I am still in awe at how she guided me through the process with her brilliant copy talents and her expertise in web design. My words and message were perfectly interpreted by Theresa, and she impressed her passion for this creative process on me so much that I actually noticed how much fun and how excited I was to watch my site unfold before my eyes. 


I feel Theresa has a wonderful, creative gift and mastery in word-crafting and imagery that even surprises her at times. I've witnessed her dedication to me and my project. It has been an honor to work with Theresa on a project that I thought was out of my capability. She knew differently and fortunately for me, she proved me wrong. 


I would highly recommend Theresa to everyone. Working with her you can see how special your message is to bring out to the world, and how devoted Theresa will be for that "birthing" to happen. 

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Penny Kirk

Phoenix, AZ

"It is a rare find when someone listens to you share your “story” and then paints a vivid, compelling word picture that captures what you have been wanting the world to see. Theresa Haney, did that for us!


We started and stopped several times to create an online presence and spent hundreds of dollars only to be frustrated and disheartened by the process. Enter Theresa to save the day! What she captured, and what can only be described as a “download," was nothing less than, 'OMG this is what we have been trying to convey!' It was exactly what we were looking for and much much more."

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Sharen Medrano


"A big part of educating women, why pregnancy and birth can be such a transformative experience, involved sharing my two birth stories.

As many women can attest, there are many details that accompany a birth, and so passing it on to someone else, felt like the writer might leave out some key details. And then I read a sample of Theresa's work.

At that moment, I just knew she would be able to write my story in a way that would describe the details as my heart would, if it could talk. Let's just say I've read it several times, and EACH time, it brings me to tears. She's that good!

I'm so grateful that Theresa was able to capture my birth stories in a way where my clients could really get why I'm so passionate about educating women about natural childbirth and trusting the wisdom of their body.

It's the best money I've spent all year!"

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Donette Morris

Sante Fe, NM

"I had been struggling to write my story for my business launch for months before I decided to hire Theresa. Part, where do I start - part, what do I say. Within hours of talking with her she wrote a compelling story of the moment of inspiration that inspired The Wise Womb.

As she read it to me over the phone, emotion swelled into tears as she transported me back to the time when I became, unexpectedly, pregnant.

When I read it to my husband, who is a linguistic specialist, his response was “she knows how to write… whatever you need to do to have her on your team!

There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for Theresa and her ability to paint a picture with words."

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Kelly Pickering

Altamont, NY

"After my old, free website was no longer available, I had a new website that required editing and creating most of it on my own. When I found out about Soul Copy, I contacted Theresa and asked if she would build a brand new Health Coaching website for me - one that I could be proud to share.


Within a very short time, Theresa was able to create “my story” beautifully based on a questionnaire I filled out.


My site now captures the essence of who I am, what my philosophies are, and the ways I can be of service to others. The pictures and quotes she added complete a site that I am now very proud to share!!


If you are thinking of creating or updating a website, Theresa from Soul Copy is your gal!!!" ~ Balanced Inside And Out, Health Coach

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