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Distilling the essence of you and Your Brand


Narrative Portraits

These short stories are used on websites, brochures, PR packets, or project proposals to paint a picture of you in a moment in time - to highlight your expertise and capture the essence of what you are offering. They can replace or enhance the biography section or begin on the home page.


Stories are far more compelling and lead readers to a call to action. To learn more, read my latest blog, Brand Storytelling: A powerful way to connect with others. Or call me and I'll write yours!

Westchester NY

I was sitting on my grandmother’s bed when my grandfather first appeared to me, walking across the room toward the hallway, I was 5 years old, he died when I was 10 months and one day, so I only knew him from photos. I recall saying in my mind’s eye, “don’t do that”, and I haven’t seen him since.

Donette Morris | With Child

Sante Fe, NM

My pregnancy went swimmingly, my labor was almost comical but my postpartum symptoms kicked my ass.  I was not prepared for such grief, no one had died - only my life as I had always known it.


The birth of my second child in 2011 was one of the most magical days of my life - I took control by trusting the wisdom of my body and gave birth at home.

In 2006, I didn’t know much about home births and midwives and doulas. My pregnancy with my son was relatively healthy, despite not knowing much about taking high quality supplements. We delivered at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in Washington Heights, NYC, which is connected to the clinic where I went for my well-care visits as a child.

Kelly Pickering | Balanced Inside and Out

Altamont, NY

I’m a Maine girl, through and through. I was born, raised and married in Maine. It is a stunningly beautiful state, where the weather is often dramatic. The food is healthy and the people are unpretentious, salt of the earth, I like to say - and the pace is slow. Something about this combination tends to bring out the best in people – Mainers and tourists!

Santa Fe, NM

I was at Chicago’s O’Hara airport when I first felt the maternal hormones wash over me - whispering to me that I might be pregnant. I had missed a period, but I thought, “No, that can’t be, I’m too old! This must be the first stirrings of menopause”.

Dayton, OH

It was my outrageous aunt from NYC who planted the seeds of hope in me that I would, one day, find a world where I belonged. Her annual visits always lit me up - sparking dreams of living my best life ever. She would arrive by taxi to our front door, a rare moment in our small community in central Ohio,

Phoenix, AZ

Everything my husband and I owned went into buying a Ski Lodge B & B after our nutrition company was taken over by venture capitalists. I believed we found our way to financial freedom while also being able to indulge in one of our favorite pastimes; imagining a world of skiing every day, being pampered by the staff and living the good life...what were we thinking?

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