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Zuki Chowdhry's Narrative Portrait

I was sitting on my grandmother’s bed when my grandfather first appeared to me, walking across the room toward the hallway, I was 5 years old, he died when I was 10 months and one day, so I only knew him from photos. I recall saying in my mind’s eye, “don’t do that”, and I haven’t seen him since.

As early as I can remember, I’ve had this sense there was more to life than what meets the eye. That the space between objects and people was not empty, but charged with information and energy. I’ve come to know that what we call empty space, is sacred space.

I was a curious child, especially about people. I could often sense what others were feeling and what they were going through, as if they were speaking to me through that sacred space. For the longest time, I thought this was normal, that everyone could sense this about other people, but now I know, I was a budding empath with intuitive abilities known as claircognizance - clear knowing.

I grew up under the wing of my maternal grandmother. Although born to an Italian/Puerto Rican Catholic Mother, who wanted to be a nun and a Pakistani Muslim father, it was my maternal grandmother who inspired my deep sense of spirituality.  We lived in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx and she lived in the same building. As the oldest of 5 siblings, I was often called upon to be the big brother, but I had other plans and spent most of my time at my grandmother’s, a devout Catholic who read her bible and prayer cards every morning.

When I was 8 years old we moved to Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan, for 6 months to meet and live with my father’s family. What a gift it was to witness this cultural city, the capital of the Punjab Province. My paternal grandparents and Pakistani family were humble devout Muslims. They showed respect and loving kindness toward others. It was impressive. With my eyes wide open, I devoured the experience. I left there with an even deeper appreciation of what it meant to lead a spiritual life and knew that my Catholic faith would play a large role in my life as I created my own family.

I met the woman who would become my wife when I was 12 years old, she was friends with my sister. During college, I helped her navigate the registration process, not realizing what was about to transpire. It seemed like universal forces had conspired to bring us together to be more than just friends – after completing the registration process, we realized we had identical schedules with classes in the same building. We saw each other every day – we soon became inseparable and started dating. A few years later, we married and began a family by bringing two beautiful children into the world – Isabella and Donavan, the lights of my life.

As a family, we weathered some heartbreaking times that challenged us all and unfortunately left me widowed in 2014. That experience brought me even closer to my life purpose and the desire to live a spirit-guided life. I feel her with me every day.

Always knowing I wanted to be a father and good provider, I felt the responsible thing to do was to follow my head and secure a corporate job rather than follow my heart by pursuing a career in the helping professions. I was hired shortly after college at a large telecommunications company. After a few years, I was temporarily promoted to a Train-the-Trainer position that planted a seed for my desire to help others grow, both personally and professionally. That seed began to grow after the death of my wife and I became certain of my desire to transition my career to the helping professions. I became a Reiki Master and minister, while also studying Life Coaching and other energy medicine modalities.

Claircognizance continued to show its amazing face and would surprise me when I least expected it. The clear knowing became very strong and occurred more and more often.  I didn’t always know what to do with the information but then I began attracting people into my life for whom I had a message. The more I listened the clearer I became that I was being directed by my guides to follow my heart and create

During this time, I was also led to learn about Saint Padre Pio from several people in my life. Everywhere I went I saw medals, statues and references to Saint Pio, even a bumper sticker that said Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry ~ Padre Pio.

From a young age, Saint Pio had visions of Jesus and Mary, he was a devout catholic and wanted to become a priest. He followed this path, first becoming a Franciscan monk, and 4 years later, he was ordained as a priest. Later in life he developed stigmata, perfectly round holes in his palms and feet, a condition authenticated, by the Vatican. Although he was a private man, people were drawn to him for healings, yet he disliked the fame.

When I learned of Father Pio’s story I was taken aback. I recognized myself in this man - sans the stigmata. My love of Catholicism at a young age, the vision of my grandfather, my calling to lead a deeply spiritual life in the world while also having a propensity to be private and how people are drawn to me, without solicitation. He is one of the guides I call upon.

Over the past 3 years since my wife's passing, I have had numerous experiences of Claircognizance that I could no longer deny and decided to develop my gifts in order to help others and provide guidance.

Stepping into the world as a healer is the next phase of my life’s journey. The reason for my gifts must be to share them with others. I humbly pray I may be of service to you. My services are varied, yet all come from the same place, that place of inner knowing that comes from the sacred space between you and me. If you are seeking answers and guidance, call me, I am here and ready to speak with you.

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