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Maggie's Narrative Portrait

It was my outrageous aunt from NYC who planted the seeds of hope in me that I would, one day, find a world where I belonged. Her annual visits always lit me up - sparking dreams of living my best life ever. She would arrive by taxi to our front door, a rare moment in our small community in central Ohio, with her leopard-skinned boots and confident posture she was the talk of the town. She was so brave. I could see the envy in my mother’s eyes when they were together. It was always sad to see her leave. Immediately, we would return to being the “small town, Do Rights” that we were, and I, back to the misfit I always felt.

You see, I was a mistake. I was born to an older couple who were not expecting another child and I could feel their underlying resentment. They were Lutheran and followed all the rules. There was no room for misfits so I made myself fit. They told me how to act and always knew what was right for me. They held the map to my life, or so I thought.

I was rarely awarded my opinion and I did as they said, in fear of being shunned or shamed. In my teens, I rebelled. I used food as the main thing I could control.  Pregnancy was next and I married the father because it was the “right” thing to do. That marriage didn’t last long and when it ended, it felt like I was being released from a cage.

For the first time in my life I was on my own and I was emboldened! I followed every inspiration. I took classes and studied personal development; I began to catch glimpses of a world where I could belong. Buoyed by that same light that my aunt had shined on me in years past - I wore my new-found independence like a badge of honor.

I remarried. I had 2 more kids and life got busy. As the kids grew older, I began to feel the stirrings of a desire for something more. It was Joseph Campbell’s PBS special “The Power of Myth” that woke something inside me that led me to realize I was not alone in having a past that caused me pain.

It was liberating to discover that I could either continue to identify with the pain or to step away from it by claiming my life anew – on my own terms.  The act of becoming the author of my own life was illuminating. This radical shift in my being led me to follow my calling, using my own life experience to become a life coach.

I was ready to change the world with coaching by planting seeds of hope in those whose soil was prepared for growth. At this same time, my husband’s business hit a downturn and as a result he developed some unhealthy habits that brought on illness which left me a widow.

All the years of giving and conforming took a toll on my health with adrenal fatigue and exhaustion - the tale of so many women. It was during this time of transition that I recognized the relationship between my beliefs and my health. Soon thereafter, I moved to Maine to live on the coast where I experienced a personal transformation. I hiked the woods, walked the beaches, and I read and studied nutrition. I became an esthetician with a focus on healthy skin from the inside-out and grew into a life-long learner focused on health and well-being.

Being the misfit child turned out to be a gift that strengthened my soul. I have learned what inspires me most – to help others to find their best self and inspire authenticity, like the support my Aunt gave me. She was my Angel of hope.

I am grateful to be able to do what I LOVE - coaching clients to discover their greatness, facilitating group retreats focused on holistic wellness of the body-mind-spirit and guiding women to map out a life course that is genuine and thrilling.

Are you searching for a change in your life?

Allow me to accompany you on your journey to discover your best self and to lay a foundation from which your authentic self can emerge - while helping you to look and feel truly amazing!

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