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Harness the Wisdom of Nature

by Theresa Haney


Nature is an ever present reminder of the cycles of life. When you take the time to consider how an acorn becomes an oak, strong and towering with brilliance, you touch upon the eternal nature of life. Just as the acorn holds the blueprint for growth and the knowledge to protect itself during storms and extreme times by pulling nutrients from the soil that nourish, protect and renew, so does the human body when given the proper nutrition and environmental opportunities!


Your trillion cells hold your unique identifying code via your DNA and communicate with each other by signaling as incoming information from the environment arrives. The study of epigenetics emphasizes that what you think, eat and the actions you take have molecular implications in your bodies. If you choose poor quality food and think negative thoughts and are sedentary most of the time, the cells in your body is challenged to make due, like an oak during a drought. And when you give your cells exactly what they need to thrive, in thought, nutrients and exercise, you can tap into that eternal nature of life and become strong, emerging with brilliance.


Our product partner, USANA Health Sciences, has cracked the code on this process through an innovative plant based technology called InCelligence™. You now have the power to communicate with your body on a cellular level not only through mindful living but, also by ensuring that your cells have the nutrients required to fully nourish, protect and renew your body all day, every day.


InCelligence Technology™ is a revolutionary advancement in the renewal process of recycling mitochondria damaged during energy production. Mitochondria are ‘the Powerhouses’ of your cells. Bottom line being that your health is inextricably tied to the health of your mitochondria. This patent pending discovery has far and wide reaching implications. USANA has once again advanced the science of personal nutrition.


This scientific advancement is a ‘day one’ opportunity for anyone who sees their health as the most important asset anyone can possess. Therefore, carpe diem, if you are so inspired and partner with an established billion-dollar company of 24 years as if it was day one. It doesn’t get any more delightful than that.


Join Dr. Christiane Northrup and Penny Northrup Kirk to learn more about this powerful innovation in personal nutrition and how you can become a part of the most fabulous team in USANA!

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