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Plant Seeds for 2017 and Fertilize with Enthusiasm

by Theresa Haney

Are you ready for a change, a challenge or even a transformation? With another year drawing to a close, you are at a natural benchmark to reevaluate, appraise and challenge how you want to show-up in your life. Declaring your goals and intentions is a critical step to realizing them with awareness and conscious purpose. And understanding how the universe works ‘in its mysterious ways’ makes this time of year especially potent and magical.

When you look to the farmer who consciously uses the nature of symbiosis to cultivate an environment that works in harmony with everything around her, we see Divine vision and enthusiasm for life. The farmer’s ground is richly nutriented and ready to receive the seeds of the future. All powerful goals have an underlying premise to make things better, and make you feel good. You believe achieving this or that will give you that feel-good experience – and it is an ever-evolving process leading you forward to be your Best Self – as one realized desire leads you to the next.

We are frequently urged to dream big and reach for the stars, but are we prepared for the great harvest? Most lottery winners lose it all within a few years of the big win. Preparing for success requires the inner work of creating a solid belief in your Self. By holding a mental picture of that which you desire and maintaining the enthusiasm that energizes the universe, you move yourself into action. Your energy is powerful, especially when holding a vision for the highest good for all concerned, it swathes any intention with an energetic blessing to work in harmony with the world.

Join Dr. Christiane Northrup and her sister, Penny Northrup Kirk, to discover how to cultivate your own unique creative power for realizing your best Self.

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