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We are Social Creatures

by Theresa Haney


Belonging to something greater than ourselves is as significant as food, water and shelter. The rapport you feel when you bond with another is baseline sustenance for self-esteem and success in life. Every relationship you build fosters a deepening connection to your inner self and sets into motion the way toward enduring self-knowledge.


Healthy connections with others spark hope, joy and love. Just as when two pipes connect, water flows and when electrical wires connect, energy flows and yet, when two or more hearts connect, personal power explodes. We become mirrors for one another as our potential from previous, oftentimes, unconscious restraints.


Our ability to cultivate a sense of belonging is at an all-time high. There is no excuse for remaining isolated. Find something you believe in and you’re sure to find others wanting the same. It is beautiful to witness the rise of social media, the impact it has had on our culture and how it is allowing anyone who dares to, to rise up, become powerful and create new worlds.


I am blessed to belong to a tribe of healthy entrepreneurs who provide a space for this and more. If you want health and you want community and you have a desire to combine the two into a right livelihood, then Team Northrup and USANA Health Sciences may be what you have been seeking.


Connect with others in 20 different countries and be a part of the movement to spread the message of true health to the world. Our product partner, USANA, has raised the bar on nutritional sciences, they have cracked the code on connecting and communicating with our cells in ways that was once only a speculation.


Please join Dr. Christiane Northrup and Penny Northrup Kirk to learn more about how you can have more sustenance in your life with a vibrant community, personal well-being while also being of service to others

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