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Trust your Gut Reaction

by Theresa Haney


When uncertainty strikes, your ‘gut’ usually steps in to guide your way. You know that pit in your stomach feeling. Do you listen to it? The gut has been referred to as your second brain and is closely connected to your intuition and your immune system otherwise known as your defense-of-Self systems. That is why it’s important to treat your gut with love and attention, daily.


Your digestive tract is a complex axis of microbiomes, neurotransmitters and hormones all of which send vital information to your brain through the central nervous system, which allows you to make wise decisions, from when to stop eating – to – is this person someone I can trust? Daily, you have come to rely on your gut reactions, whether you are conscious of it or not. After the indulgences of the holidays now is a good time to refocus on the health of your ‘second brain’, given its importance in your daily life.


Keeping the digestive tract flowing optimally is the key to feeling good and sharp in mind-body-spirit. Join Dr. Christiane Northrup and her sister, Penny Northrup Kirk, to learn more about the connection of gut health to our total health and feeling right inside yourself.

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