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The Upside of Risk

by Theresa Haney

The hesitation to try something new will always creep in whenever you lower your shield of self-confidence and listen to your inner critic or the negative neighbor. Doubt, skepticism and the fear of uncertainty keep you where you’re at, riding the edge of your comfort zone to feel safe and content…or so you think.


As you grow older, this way of thinking and behaving can carve a deep rut in your belief system. Personal growth only accelerates when you step outside your coziness, trusting in yourself and the unknown while being wide open with curiosity.


These are the habits of a courageous person. Successful people in life and business are risk takers, and each of them will tell you that they grew by leaps and bounds with every risk assumed. Risk, defined as ‘The possibility of loss’ should be considered an oxymoron for without the possibility of loss, you cannot have the possibility of growth.


Practice risk taking with critical awareness every time you witness the pull of doubt and redefine the sensation of uncertainty as titillating and novel. Carve that into your neuro-pathways. Grow yourself to discover your zone of genius and thrive in all you do.


Join Dr. Christiane Northrup and her sister Penny Northrup Kirk as they guide you through the upside of risk and all that awaits you on the other side of success.

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